Indio Sunrise Rotary invited Friends of CV Link

Thank you” to Indio Sunrise Rotary for inviting Friends of CV Link to share our perspective and thoughts on CV Link. The following is from their newsletter.
The Sunbeam News of indio Sunrise Rotary 5/3/2016
Posted by Joseph Daily on May 03, 2016
Service Above Self
We meet Tuesdays at 6:45 AM
Heritage Palms Country Club
44291 Heritage Palms Drive South
Indio, CA 92201
United States
On May 3 our Flag salute was led by Dorian Inzunza, our Invocation by Pastor Stephen Sloat and the 4 Way Test led by Stacy Pfiefer.

Our program was presented by Gary Lueders from “Friends of CV Link.” Gary lives an active lifestyle and began riding bicycles in the early ‘70’s for sport, pleasure, and errands. He has ridden in Europe and many cities in the U.S. and quickly realized that off-street bike trails are much safer than riding with cars.

His advocacy work began when serving as president of the local Desert Bicycle Club by encouraging Coachella Valley cities to improve cycling by installing bike lanes and better signage.

He served as a board member on the Coachella Valley Community Trails Alliance since 2007 and has been instrumental in the changeover to the nonprofit Friends of CV Link. He is also a member of CVAG’s Citizens Advisory Group for CV Link; served on the CVAG Trails Management Sub-Committee; and was a board member on the Desert Trails Coalition.

Gary was a USAF pilot in Vietnam, is a retired American Airlines Captain, lives in Rancho Mirage with his wife Shirley, and has 2 children and 5 grandkids.
In 2010, the entire Coachella Valley non-motorized transportation plan was completed. Because of the many golf courses in the valley, many local cities allowed golf carts to operate on sidewalks and certain low-volume streets. A year later, civic leaders realized that a multi-use trail connecting all the communities would provide a safer way to travel. In addition, the use of non-polluting electric vehicles, bicycles, and walking would create a cleaner environment.

“We do not see the trail as a conflict between low-speed electric vehicles and bicycles. In fact, it will increase the value of the trail by providing more people the opportunity to get out and enjoy areas that they would never see in a car. Plus the improved air quality will help all citizens. All users will recognize that it is a multi-use trail and the concept of sharing the trail and common courtesy will prevail.”

Having realized the main mission of CVCTA had been accomplished, the decision was made to ‘morph’ CVCTA into Friends of CV Link. “As the trail is developed, we will promote and encourage visitors and local citizens to use the trail and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. We will develop volunteer groups to assist where needed. In addition, “Friends” will develop a donation element to provide individuals and companies an opportunity to contribute to this valuable asset. We hope you will enjoy CV Link as much as we will when it is completed.”

Friends of CV Link's photo.