Frequently Asked Questions

What is CV Link?
CV Linkis a revolutionary new concept in active and alternative transportation. Led by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), CV Link is an award-winning plan to combine pedestrians, bicyclists, and low-speed electric vehicles (like golf carts) on a multiuse pathway. CV Link will connect Coachella Valley cities and the lands of three federally recognized tribes with a road separated path that generally parallels the Whitewater River.  As bicycling and walking become more popular modes of transportation and recreation, CV Link will help to reduce deadly conflicts with motorists.

How does Friends of CV Link fit into the CV Link picture?
Friends of CV Link (FCVL) encourages a healthy lifestyle by promoting the use of CV Link.  While this is a CVAG project, members of FCVL can offer input, suggest creative ideas, and take pride in helping develop this valuable community resource.

Where is the money coming from to build CV Link?
Many sources of grant funding have been obtained by CVAG.  Some of those sources include: California Strategic Growth Council; Riverside County Park and Open Space District; Desert Healthcare District; South Coast Air Quality Management District; California Active Transportation Program; and the California Department of Transportation. The good news is that CV Link is fully funded.

What about the cost of upkeep?
The Adapt-A-Link program developed by CVAG has a waiting list of companies, organizations, and individuals committed to supporting CV Link. Renova Energy is the first business to come forward and fund the clean-up/upkeep of the segment between Vista Chino and Ramon Road.

Are people really going to use CV Link?
As demonstrated in other locations where urban trails exist, folks will use the trail to run errands, commute to work, and exercise.  Many will use the trail for social pleasure like meeting friends for coffee or lunch. Tourists visiting the area will find it useful to see other parts of the Coachella Valley without driving a car.

Do you really think tourists will use the trail?
Palm Springs and the entire Coachella Valley is a tourist destination.  Folks come here for many different reasons.  When on vacation, many want to try something different, get out to see different features of the area, and get some exercise.  Most all resorts and many hotels provide bikes for their guests.  There are several bike rental companies in the area and the first question a visitor asks is “where is a safe place to ride?”  In addition, there is a very successful bicycle touring company providing half day tours for visitors to the valley.  During summer months, many European tourists come to the Palm Springs area to enjoy the heat and lower hotel prices.  They embrace bicycle travel as a pleasant way to get around.

Will CV Link attract bicycle riders from other areas?
Several large bike events are in the area: the Tour de Palm Springs; Ironman La Quinta / Indian Wells and the Patriot Ride attract thousands of bicycle riders to the valley.  Some are the ‘hard-core’ extreme distance riders, but most are casual riders who enjoy riding a bike.  When this trail is built, many will return to enjoy riding along this safe, well designed multi-use path.

What about it being too hot or too windy to ride a bike?
In the Coachella Valley, people play golf, hike local trails, and ride bikes year around, but they do it early.  Remember, temperatures do not hit their peak until later in the day.  With the low humidity and the air movement when riding, early morning bike rides can be quite enjoyable.

What about the wind?
Winds do not blow every day. Quite often, it could be windy in the northwest part of the valley with no wind in the central or southeast part of the valley.  When built out, this trail will traverse the entire length of the valley, so it could be windy in one part and not in another.

Do you really think seniors will use the trail?
Many seniors in the valley recognize the health benefits of exercise.  Younger people already embrace the concept of a healthy lifestyle.  As that generation approaches retirement age and consider relocating to the Coachella Valley, this multiuse trail will be a big draw for them.  Community leaders with a long-term vision recognize that building this trail today will benefit citizens of tomorrow.

I think the mix of bicycles and electric vehicles is a bad idea.  How can that be safe?
These are low-speed electric vehicles traveling at speeds close to an average bicycle rider’s speed.  Both users will be on the trail knowing that it is a shared path with pavement markings and signage. Trail etiquette and common courtesy will prevail.  Safety ultimately depends on the driver of any vehicle, be it electric cart or bike.

I am opposed to this trail because many people like me don’t own a golf cart or a bicycle.
Many people don’t own dogs, but they realize that dog parks are a good thing.  Many people don’t have children, but they realize that parks and schools are good for the community.  Many people never go to the library, but they realize that libraries are good for society.  Community leaders of the Coachella Valley have spent countless hours evaluating the many benefits that the CV Link will provide to the citizens.

Why don’t people just ride bikes on sidewalks?
Sidewalk riding presents many unexpected hazards to the casual rider: driveways, intersections, obstacles, and uneven pavement. CV Link will provide a safer environment for bicycle riders.

Safety – one last comment about safety.
Car drivers distracted by cell phone use and other distractions are becoming more prevalent.  Several bicycle riders have been killed by motor vehicles on Coachella Valley roads in the past 4 years.  CV Link will be car free.