“an organization through which its members do things for themselves, together.”

The Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) is the regional planning agency coordinating government services and providing solutions to the common issues of local governments and tribes. The CVAG Executive Committee consists of city mayors or council members, county supervisors, and tribal leaders. Tom Kirk, the CVAG Executive Director, follows Executive Committee advice to address immediate concerns and to maintain a long-term visionary approach for future generations. City staff members, CVAG staff, and citizens sit on advisory committees such as Transportation, Public Safety, and Technical Advisory committees. CVAG staff and the CV Link development team worked closely with the CVAG Executive Committee, who expressed final approval on project plans.

Federal, State, and local governments established policies to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and address climate change issues. The Executive Committee takes a pro-active approach by approving the development of CV Link to comply in this mandate. This is a long-term plan to 2050.

Friends of CV Link work closely with CVAG staff to publicize development progress as well as the benefits and value the Link will bring to the Coachella Valley.  Email:

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