The Link

The CV Link will connect Coachella Valley cities using a unique, first of its kind, multiuse alternative transportation corridor that does not include automobiles.  Residents and visitors will have the option to travel safely by foot, bicycle, low speed electric vehicles, or disability mobile devices. The lead agency, Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), has brought together a top team of professional transportation planners and designers to develop the Master Plan.  The team is evaluating right-of-way locations, developing conceptual design standards and preparing environmental documents in compliance with federal and State regulations.

The CVAG Executive Committee consists of city mayors, county supervisor, and tribal representatives.  As civic leaders, they must address immediate concerns as well as maintaining a long-term visionary approach for future generations.  CVAG staff and the CV Link development team has been working closely with the CVAG Executive Committee, who has the final say on the project plans.  As directed by the committee, the staff and development team has been very transparent and open to the public. Five public input meetings were held in 2013 with more planned as the project progresses.

Questions and comments may be email to CVAG Transportation Program Manager LeGrand Velez, .

In addition, Friends of CV Link will be working closely with CVAG staff to publicize development progress as well as the benefits and value the Link will bring to the Coachella Valley.  Email:


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