Friends support CV Link at the Palm Desert Council Chamber 1

CVAG -the Coachella Valley Association of Governments—is presenting and discussing the final CV Link Environmental Impacts Report in the council chambers of Palm Desert.

Meeting Details

May 15, 2017 —Monday night— at

6:00 p.m.

73-510 Fred Waring Drive

Support the building CV Link, which has 50 miles planned from Palm Springs to Coachella, except for links in Rancho Mirage and Indian Wells.

Bike Rally

Before the meeting, leisure bikers, sport cyclists, and anyone else on bicycles will gather and voice their support of CV Link. Walkers, hikers, runners, mobility-assist users, LSEVs welcome too!

5:30 in the area

in front of Council Chambers

Support Placards will be available in the parking lot, beginning at 5:15.


Map of Palm Desert city hall and council chambersFrom Highway 111 and Monterey Drive,

  • North on Monterey 1/2 mile to Fred Waring Drive,
  • East on Fred Waring 1/2 mile to San Pablo Avenue,
  • North on San Pablo 600 ft to Civic Center,
  • From parking lot, the Council Chamber is in the round building in the southwest corner of the complex.

Make Your Voice Heard

Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) will present details about the CV Link project and the Environmental Impacts Report, which is the last regulatory document needed before construction can begin. CVAG is the lead agency for the project funding, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Public comment will be accepted. Short statements of support (2 to 3 minutes) are needed from walkers, runners, wheelchair users, mobility assist device users, leisure bike riders, sport cyclists, and drivers of  low-speed electric vehicles (LSEV, which includes neighborhood electric vehicles—NEVs—and golf carts).

We expect major objections to be raised by representatives of the Rancho Mirage City Council and other nay-sayers.

We need to show overwhelming support in answer this opposition. Please prepare a short statement on any of these topics—or several of them:

  • CV Link connects the communities of the Coachella Valley.
  • CV Link offers a unique linear park for use by all.
  • CV Link transforms the valley and enhances its international reputation.
  • CV Link improves on old concepts of the bicycle path.
  • CV Link is active transportation.
  • CV Link is already part of Transportation Priority Planning.
  • CV Link is safer than streets and highways.
  • CV Link replaces east-west corridors for bicycles and low-speed electric vehicles.
    Safer than Ramon Road!
    Safer than Dinah Shore Drive!
    Safer than Vista Chino!
    Safer than Indian Canyon Drive!
    Safer than Sunrise Way!
    Safer than Farrell Drive!
    Safer than Highway 111!
    Safer than Palm Canyon Drive!
  • CV Link is a transportation path that eases congestion on existing streets.
  • CV Link increases the safety of pedestrians, mobility-limited citizens, cyclists, and neighborhood vehicles.


  • CV Link has a route and fixtures that protect the privacy of nearby residents.
  • CV Link avoids on-street crossings at high-traffic areas.
  • CV Link has high-profile, attractive features that enhance the area’s beauty.


  • CV Link is 80% funded before construction begins.
  • CV Link construction continues through 2021, which allows 4 years for full funding.
  • CV Link is listed in regional transportation planning (2016 TPPS and RACE).
  • CV Link is a legal candidate for Measure A funds.


  • CV Link operations and maintenance needs have been carefully outlined.
  • CV Link O+M costs have been cautiously estimated:
    range of $10,700 to $31,200 per mile.
  • CV Link has identified 23 sources of O+M funding.
  • CV Link is soliciting maintenance funds from Goldenvoice.


  • The first 2.2-mile segment is already in construction in Cathedral City.
  • Cathedral City will monitor closely maintenance costs for its segment.


  • Future expansion will include Desert Hot Springs, Mecca, and the Salton Sea.
  • Future expansion allows connection to Banning, Redlands, and Riverside; to Mountain Center, Hemet, and Idyllwild; and Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, and Twenty-Nine Palms.


  • CV Link is adjacent to 6 schools and within 1/2 mile to 16 schools.
  • CV Link connects to College of the Desert.
  • CV Link provides safer routes to school.


  • For every dollar invested in CV Link, the valley will realize at least $11 over 25 years.


  • CV Link provides a safe way to access the many hiking trails throughout the valley.
  • CV Link terminates at the San Jacinto Tramway, a major tourist destination.
  • CV Link terminates in the boutique hotel area of Palm Springs, and encourages tourist exploration of areas outside of downtown Palm Springs.
  • CV Link passes near golf courses and hotels in Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, La Quinta, and Indio.
  • CV Link has connector possibilities to the Empire Polo Club and its music festivals.
  • CV Link terminates at Airport Boulevard, near Cochran Airport.


  • CV Link has convenient access from several points in each city.
  • CV Link reduces local traffic volumes on roadways.
  • CV Link increases safety for non motorized vehicles and pedestrians.
  • CV Link enhances fitness and leisure activities.
  • CV Link makes use of under-appreciated public lands.
  • CV Link beautifies the region with a park-like facility.
  • CV Link builds a sense of community among all parts of the Coachella Valley.

CV Link – Its time has come!
Don’t revere retrogressive Rancho Mirage.

Don’t imitate insular Indian Wells.

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  • Christine Tinsley

    Good Morning,
    I would be happy to volunteer for events. From what I can see on this website the events are listed through May of 2017. Are there upcoming events that you need help with? I also saw the CV Link Advocate/Supporter. How would I get one?
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop!
    Kind Regards
    Christine Tinsley